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  • How do I sign up myself/child for classes?
    Reach out to us or fill out our form on the from page!
  • What does the registration fee cover?
    The registration fee covers the students first pair of pants and belt!
  • What martial arts would me or my child be doing? Difference between belt classes and MMA?
    We teach a little bit of everything here at JMAA. We have a heavy emphasis on striking, however we sprinkle in grappling that way we create well rounded martial artists and fighters. Students in belt-based classes will also learn self-defense specific moves, weapons, and more traditional style movements. Our belt system is based in a traditional Kempo Karate system, but our actual training is based in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and Ju-Jitsu. The MMA class covers all the same content, except the weapons and self-defense specific moves, and is run like a fighter's class!
  • I feel I am out of shape, should I get into shape before coming?"
    NO! This is something we hear alot because some want to save themselves from being embarressed in class. The thing is martial arts training takes a different toll on the body than weight training and traditional cardio. Those exercises help no doubt and we would never tell anyone not to train traditionally along side training martial arts. However, it is different, and the only way to get ready for it and in shape for it is to DO it. Everyone is on their own martial arts journey and we as a gym/family should always lift each other up and support one another!
  • When is payment due? How can I pay?
    First two weeks of every month! Cash, Card, Check, or Invoice!
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