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Jade Martial Arts Academy

Jade Martial Arts Academy is a gym located in Middleton, Idaho. JMAA is a Kickboxing/Muay Thai style and self-defense based gym with weapons, grappling, and traditional Kempo style mixed in.

We offer a belt system rooted in the Kempo style, but focus more on modern movements and strikes, less on the traditional kata and forms style of training.

Martial arts is an amazing world, and we hope to help you figure it out!

Respect & Discipline

One of our main focuses in our kids and adults belt based programs is respect and discipline. Not just for inside the gym, but teaching it to be a skill to take with them anywhere.

Self-Defense & Sport

There is a difference between learning martial arts for sport and self-defense. Here at JMAA we teach both, as well as teaching the key differences between. Sometimes there is no difference.

Exercise & Health

Martial arts is not only a great way to defend yourself, but is a great workout. With a mix of cardio and body resistance, one is sure to see results.

Teammates & Family

Here at JMAA our goal is to be a small family, lifting each other up and creating the best versions of ourselves together.



Options for your training

Kids Martial Arts

Adults Martial Arts

Adults MMA

Private lessons

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