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Head Coach

My name is Christian Hirschi and I have been involved with martial arts for the majority of my life. I started when I was six years old and have been training ever since. Throughout my martial arts career I have achieved earning my second degree black belt in Ryukyu-Kempo from Master Chris Reyna at Sidekicks Martial Arts, where I am still a student. I have also earned my Khru certification in Muay Thai from Daniel Docto “Khru Doc”, as well as studied Muay Thai under Sakasem “The Puisher” Kanthawong. In 2015, I also had the opportunity to Instruct Military Combatives at Gowen Field. I have recently graduated with a Associates in Athletic Science to further my knowledge of the human body and in turn my understanding of martial arts in its entirety.

Assistant Coaches

All Assistant Coaches at Jade are volunteers from the Adults class! They are not paid employees, which shows their dedication to not just Jade, but to growing as a martial artist!

All these assistant coaches have helped Jade immensely, and are run their own classes one to two times a month! This is their opportunity to show growth as a coach and face the challenges a coach does when teaching classes!

Each coach still trains and grows themselves! 

When a coach gets their coaches belt, the black belt with white stripe, they are officially a Head Assistant Coach!

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