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Gym Update

Moving and Future Projects



316 E 1st St, Middleton!

  • About our new location! -

    • It is tucked behind the Middleton Library and Middleton Police station.

    • It is a newly renovated warehouse building.

    • It has its own dedicated parking (We will be placing markers for spots).

    • It has a garage door for events and nice days.

    • It will be smaller than our current location.

    • It still has a shower for Adult students and Private lessons.

  • Things that will change!-

    • Our parents' seating will be quite a bit smaller and there will not be space for siblings to run around. If parents want to bring siblings they will have to stay seated with the parent throughout the course of class.

    • We may not have space for students to come early. Something we would like to implement moving forward is for students to wait until the class before them starts leaving before you start coming into the building. We know this may create a timing issue for some parents, but it will help the gym stay from being cramped and stay focused.

    • We will no longer have water fountains, however there will be a sink in the parents area that will have a filter on it. We will supply cups around the sink, but please still bring water bottles that way you can just fill those up.

  • When are we actually moving?

    • We will have our first classes on Jan. 29th.

    • The gym will be closed on these days for moving; Jan. 24th - 25th

    • You are more than welcome to visit the space during now and when we start classes.

  • Are we selling anything?

    • Yes, we will start listing equipment in the gym for sale starting next week!

  • Will class times change?

    • No, class times will stay the same! 

Location derections.png
  • Green- If you are coming to the gym and plan to park, follow the path and park in the designated spots in front of the gym!

  • Red- Behind the gym there is a dirt road, if you plan on dropping off your student please use this. We share a main road with the Fowler K9 Academy, using this dirt road is an attempt to not create traffic.

  • Orange- These are alternate parking options, I can not specifically tell my students to park here, however if needed these are public parking locations near the gym.

  • Blue- This is a dirt patch in front of the gym, it is owned by the City of Middleton. 

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