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Sidekicks Martial Arts

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Sidekicks is the mother gym to Jade Martial Arts Academy and is one of the main pillars of martial arts in south west Idaho. Sidekicks is owned and ran by Chris Reyna. Chris Reyna is the master of Mr. Christian and has developed several black belts. Sidekicks and JMAA are two different gyms but same family. We will have shared events and seminars together. If you are considering us, but are closer to the Nampa area, give Master Chris a chance, his knowledge in martial arts is unmatched by most!

Younique Training LLC

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Younique Training LLC is owned and ran by Joshua Brown. Younique Training LLC is a personal training physicality. Joshua Brown has been grateful enough to allow Jade Martial Arts Academy to grow within the walls of Younique. As we grow so does Younique, creating an amazing partnership. Joshua Brown is a very knowledgeable personal trainer with the certificates to match. If you are interested in personal training or his expertise in martial arts please visit!




Revgear is the main company that we at JMAA order from for our students. They are middle of the road on price, but higher level quality. For kids we have set gear packages, for adults we have a form that you go and pick what you want from the website. You do not have to order through us or Revgear. However, ordering through us saves you shipping!

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