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Knife Fighting Seminar


November 17th at 6:30pm

Cost= $25 per (Family plan: $15 per after first student!)

We have recently been working on knife fighting and defense with all of you! This was to all lead up to this event! Knives are a scary weapon and should be treated with caution, however just like with our normal fighting, we can treat these situations with respect and have fun with it as well. In this event we will be using washable markers and have timed knife fights! These fights will not have an “end” to them except for the timer going off, we will then at the end look for where you got slashed or stabbed! All classes will be together!


We will be "Knife Fighting" with markers!

Markers will be provided!



Safety glasses will be provided!


White Clothes Required!

For this event to work all students will have to wear light colored or white clothes!

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