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Water-balloons in the Park!


June  27th at 6-7 pm/Adults 7:30  pm

This is our second biggest summer event! For the smaller students we head out to the park and blast some balloons!

For Adult we train and spar around the park in weird unfamiliar terrain!


Middleton Place Park, Middleton

Warm up/Instruction/Practice

Both classes will go for a run and pad work before moving onto the main training!


Blast Those Balloons!

Little Dragons and Juniors will spend time with their parents and try to break as many water balloons as they can with their techniques!

Students must bring their own water balloons! 


Adults Spar at Weird Locations!

Adults will go around the park and spar in weird locations! Bark pit, swing sets, hills, concrete, and even sand!

All adults need to bring their gear!

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