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Parents Night Out!


December 15th 5 pm - 9 pm

Here at Jade, Mr. Christian wants to give you parents a night to relax or catch up on things you've been meaning to do. As well as give Jade students and siblings a fun night at the gym! It will be a 4 hour long event and snacks will be included!

If any parents would like to bring snacks and/or drinks you are more than welcome!

What will the students be doing?

  • They will get free time, like before they start class everyday. There will be rules on rough housing and how to treat the equipment.

  • They will get at least an hour of instructed martial arts games.

  • They will get the rest of the night for a movie. (The movie will be decided by a Facebook poll.)



  • The entire gym will be deep cleaned before the party.

  • Any martial arts weapons that are easily attainable will be removed from the training area.

  • Mr. Christian has multiple coaches lined up to be there and to help make sure the students are safe and fair.

  • All snacks will be free of known student allergies.

Image by Nico Smit

Important Information!

  • Make sure siblings are the gym's minimum training age of 4 years old and are okay with being in a gym with new people.

  • Make sure students bring their own blankets and pillows for the movie.

  • Make sure students bring water. I will supply water bottles, but supplies will be limited!

  • Make sure students bring everything in a bag, that way they can pack it all up after.

  • You are more than welcome to pick up your kiddo early.

  • Please come a couple minutes before the end of the party to pick up your kiddo. As soon as it is over Mr. Christian and coaches are going to start cleaning the gym!

  • Any siblings coming will have to have a waiver signed by you, the parent! Come to Mr. Christian for that!

Image by Chirayu Trivedi
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