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Juniors is our middle age group! The age range is 8-12 years old!

We run the Juniors thinking of them as smaller adults! They are held to the standard of being examples to the Little Dragons, while also understanding they are still kids! The Juniors will still have coordination, balance, and game drills. However, they also go through more advanced movements and do application drills more often!

Juniors, unlike the Little Dragons, do rank up through the main belt system!

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Juniors General Information

  • Ages: 8-12

  • Days: Tuesday and Thursday

  • Time: 6:00-7:00 PM

  • Tuition: $110

  • One time registration fee: $40

  • Gear required?: Yes, within the first two weeks. We offer an already complete gear bag for $170-$185!

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Commonly Asked Questions

What if I want to buy my own gear?

  • You are more than allowed to buy your own! Just make sure you get everything required and okay the gear with a coach at Jade before purchasing! We understand not everyone might want the Jade gear bag, however we save you the hassle and shipping!

What is the registration fee for?

  • The registration fee is only for belt based classes and covers the students first set of pants and belt.

What if my child is a couple months from 13 years old? Or larger than the average 11-13-year-old?

  • Starting a student or moving a student up to the Adult Martial Arts class is very common! Just talk to us about it and we will figure out the best course of action! 

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